Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I wanna do before I turn 30.

Getting Old With Friends (朋友)- 退休歲月

I recently went to a friend's 29th birthday and he planted a seed in my mind that really got me thinking. He said, "You should create a list of things you want to do before you turn 30." So from now till october 13, 2011 I will be conjuring and documenting various activities/goals I'd like to accomplish before my 30th birthday. Some activities/goals will be meaningful and satisfying, others will be trivial and retarded. I place limited expectations upon myself as to the meaningfulness of the tasks but I do place serious emphasis to meeting my goals. With that said lets get started with a quick list.

1. Do extasy and go to a mega club in NYC.
2. Land a 360 on my snowboard.
3. Land a kickflip on my skateboard.
4. Win a 2 team parlay or better.
5. Go to a speed dating event.
6. Create an alter ego and portray this alter ego through out the course of a night.
7. Organize a charity bikini car wash.

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