Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Last Day At Work

Yesterday I cleaned out my desk so that today, my very last day at the job, all I will have to do is shake a few hands and give a couple hugs goodbye and then I'm ghost. The question that comes up with the most frequency is, "what are your plans now?" Or sentiments along those lines. Due to the number of times people have asked me this question my response has begun to resemble a celebrity's response to a sex/crime scandal. Just another phrase a hired publicist told me to say to calm the media without giving away too much and/or implicating myself. To be honest for next few months I really don't have any plans beyond taking more classes towards my MBA. What I should really be telling these people is, "I have no idea." With that said for all those people who were genuinely curious about what my plans are, you can check back here every now and then to see what really panned out.

Well farewell West Paterson, NJ it was fun while it lasted. To all the people I have worked with, please don't be a stranger and at the very least facebook me (to my facebook sceptical friends you need to hop on board already, how else are we going to keep in touch!?!). And to the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins... GO FUCK YA'SELVES!

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