Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hipster or Yuppie?

Monday to Friday 9 to 5 I was all business and all corporate, aka a yuppie. Weekends I wore whatever was comfortable and fly (at least what I thought was fly) and cursed like I loved the taste of soap, dare I say hipster? I was a part of both cultures and received redicule from each culture with equal degrees of intensity (nothing extreme, just jabs here and there). In comparison to my yuppie peers I never really fit in with most the people I worked with. I never was too into classic rock, just the stuff I happened to stumble across on the radio. My idea of a great band is "The Roots". I wasn't very much into sports, aside from basketball I could really careless about sports statistics. I can appreciate a great give and go, but I couldn't tell you how many saves a hockey goalie made last night. I just loved the work and financial stability corporate America offered. I was never really creative so finding work while maintaining a hipster lifestyle seemed impossible. And when asked by hipsters what my profession is, their loss for words is a clear signal that I have lost their interest. I was what I labeled myself, a yupster. I never really 100% fit in with either culture, I just took the best of what I liked about each culture and ran with it. Lucky for me I have a personality and a character that anyone can love, yuppie and hipster a like =)

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